The best of may!

30.MAY.14 // FRI // OWNNN
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The first full month of the site ends, and a lot of really cool thing happened this month! The Ninio asked me to make this post with the more interesting things of this month, so here goes:

Cat´s Eyes brings an exclusive picture on how it is the vision of cats! It´s pretty cool to find out what colors the eyes of these cats sighted!
Click here to see the picture!

And the Island of the cats? Had over than 600 likes in Brazil! Everyone fell in love to find that in japan there is an island with more cats than people! Everybody wants to move there! =^.^=
Click here to view photos of the island!

We can´t forget that May had the Mothers Day!

The best and the worst of cats! Watch these crazy kittens! =^.^=

On this month Ninio  also had promised to start an academy...
Ask him if he started... ¬¬

And to finish with a flourish, the video that impressed the world!

The kitten that saved the boy from an dog attack:

And here we go for another month! Thank you for the comments and engagement! 


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